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Pastor Erick McKinley, Sr. is the founder of CHRIST New Birth Ministries which began in May 2011. Knowing the call that God had on his life, Pastor Erick completed ministerial training and earned his ordination in preparation for leading a church to carry out the vision that was instilled in him. Established on principles of excellence, CHRIST New Birth has a ministry mission FOCUSED on teaching the Word of God in a manner that reaches the heart of people. The FOCUS is to minister the word to families from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicity. Today, Pastor Erick oversees a divinely inspirited and GOD sanctioned ministry.


Pastor Erick has a heart for people and a strong desire to see lives changed which leads him to teach the word of God with simplicity and under the anointing of God. His unique messages are always taught in a practical manner so that hearers can effectively apply the Word of God to their life. As a teacher, Pastor Erick demonstrates through his faith-based teachings and thorough knowledge of the Word, the revelation message of God’s plan for the believer. Pastor is blessed with four children: Erick, Jr., Gabriale, Raven, and Jakim.

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