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Christ New Birth (CNB) is a short vision of the emergent church imbedded in a movement used to reframe the meaning of church in the twenty first century by presenting the truth with humility and respect; overcoming the public/private division; moving from a place of privilege in society to one voice amongst many; a transition from control to witness; maintenance to mission, and from institution to movement; One, that is open to change and where God can do new things for His people.

While polarities of our day seek to divide us into an either-or camp, the mark of CNB will be its emphasis on both. For generations we have divided ourselves into camps; Protestants and Catholics; large congregations and small congregations; clergy and laity; liberals and conservatives; sacred and secular. However, the mission of CNB will bring together the most helpful of the old and the best of the new, blending the dynamic of a personal Gospel with the compassion of social concern. It will find its ministry being expressed by a whole people, wherein the distinction between clergy and laity will be that of function, not that of hierarchical division. In the CNB movement due emphasis is placed on both, theological roots and contemporary experience; on celebration in worship and involvement in social concerns; on faith and feeling; reason and prayer; as well as conversion and continuity.

CNB use the Internet as a medium of decentralized communication. Our website is used as an announcement board for community activity, and is a hub for more participation based on new technologies such as blogs, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, etc. The use of the blog is especially popular and appropriate means of communication within the movement. Through blogs, members can converse about theology, philosophy, art, culture, politics, and social justice, both among our own congregation and across the broader community. Throughout the movement CNB is guided by consistent prayer and its core values; the desire to imitate the life of Jesus, transform secular society; emphasize communal living; welcome outsiders; be generous and creative; and lead without control. CNB seeks to partner with all who share these values in a manner that gives God the Glory.

If you are unfilled in life or if you are without a church home here in the Washington D.C. area, we invite you to join us. Yours in Christ, Pastor Erick McKinley Sr.

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