Christ New Birth Ministries is a visionary movement that seeks to redefine the nature and practice of Christian ministry through the CHRIST New Birth Ministries Movements DNA:


D - Truth is the foundation for everything. By Divine Truth, we mean the dynamic and living presence of Christ and His Word.


N - Nurturing Relationships: Healthy relationships are what make up a family. Love for one another is to be a constant pursuit of the family of God. This is the most basic of Christ's commands.


A - Apostolic Mission: Apostolic means, simply, “sent.” Just as Jesus was sent on a mission, so we are sent out on a mission for Him. Our mission is to go into the world and disciple the nations for their good and God's glory.


This Christ-centered community ministry is established primarily on relationships both to God and to the other members of the group. In doing so it discards many aspects of conventional expressions of church, which is considered beneficial by some and problematic by others. This gives those in this ministry movement the opportunity to focus on what it considers to be the core practices of Christian spirituality that of selflessness and putting others first.

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